Electricity powers event lighting, sound, video, and tech, ensuring a seamless, uninterrupted experience for attendees

What power do you need ?

Electricity is vital in an event because it powers all essential aspects such as lighting, sound, video and technical equipment. It guarantees the proper functioning of audiovisual equipment, sound systems, screens, projectors and other devices necessary for the success of the event. A reliable power supply ensures uninterrupted continuity, avoids technical problems and creates a seamless experience for participants.

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These are essential for providing the necessary power to a event where no or not enough electricity is available.

Those can provide a wide range of power possibilities and can be either silent or normal.

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Schucko, Harting, Socapex, Network Cable, speakon, Three Phase Cables 32A/63A/125A and more

Experience seamless event success with premium-grade wiring and electrical connectors, tailored to power vital audiovisual gear. Trust in our commitment to also support other essential service providers, from caterers to decorators, ensuring everything runs flawlessly.

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Accessories and Tools

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Optimize your events with our expertise! We select the electrical material for you based on the venue and areas to be powered.

Technical Crew

Rely on our expert poly technicians to ensure the safety of your event and everyone attend it.


Our expert teams handle logistics and equipment management for event production.

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