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Your message matters. That’s why you need a sound system adapted to the venue, and sound engineers trained to operate it. 

The goal: make sure every attendee hears the speakers loud and clear, without feedback loops, or excessive reverberation.

With the right audio equipment, trust that your message will reach your audience and convince them.

Wireless handheld microphone

Headset microphone 

Gooseneck microphone 

Table stand microphone


Lighting is not only useful to set the mood of your event by using your brand colors. They shine the light on your speakers and highlight your products to make them pop.

It also makes or breaks the dynamics of any celebration. Without lighting, no staff party, concert or dance floor would feel like a real party.

That’s why having a thoughtful lighting setup, tailored to your event is an absolute must have.



Customizable gobos

Lighting masts


A picture (or movie) is worth a thousand words… if attendees can see them.

That’s why you need a video projector that is powerful enough to overpower the sun light. And a complete system of computers and video switchers to bring your ideas to the big screen.

Make your audience see your best insights, and leave them with a strong visual memory of your presentations.

16/9 video projectors

4/3 video projectors

Double video projectors

Plasma screen


Your event doesn’t have to stop at the physical boundaries of the venue.

Our engineers mix multiple video cameras and then send the signal to a remote online server or website. So that attendees who couldn’t travel can still enjoy all presentations.

Livestreaming makes it possible for you to host an international conference with an audience from all around the world. 

Livestreaming equipment includes: livestream video cameras, full HD video camera with integrated pan-tilt, production mixers, mobile control room with satellite antenna…


Don’t make the language barrier stand in the way of delivering your message to the audience.

With dedicated translation booths, translators will feel right at home. And all attendees get wireless headphones to complete the full simultaneous translation system – and understand the speaker

Translation equipment includes: translation booths, wireless headphones with selectable channels, …


Staging is at the base of any performance.

Speakers, musicians, artists, moderators, … they all share the same need for a stage. This is where the action takes place.

Also, trussing and rigging fly under the radar – most people don’t notice them. But if you remove them, sound, lights and decoration have to go, too.

Staging is the “invisible” part of the technology that makes creating a successful event possible. 

Staging equipment includes: stages, speaker desks (with optional integrated screen), stairs, rigging, trussing, …

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