Simultaneous translation facilitates multilingual communication at an event. It enables immediate understanding, removes language barriers, promotes inclusion, and ensures all participants can fully contribute and benefit.

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Live audio translation is a powerful tool for facilitating communication across languages in real-time situations. It ensures that language differences do not hinder effective information exchange, enabling individuals from different linguistic backgrounds to participate fully in events and discussions. With our translation systems, each participant can choose a language and listen live to the speaker’s translation. Translators can be at the event venue as well as at home, which is made possible through Zoom or other virtual meeting medium.

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Interpretation Booths

Provides a controlled environment for interpreters to listen to the speaker's words and convey the translated content to the audience in real time.

Here a the main key features: Sound Isolation, Acoustic Design, Ventilation, Visual Contact, Interpretation Consoles.

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Infrared Diffusion

These are used to get the audio signal from to the translators to the audio translation device.

It allows a wireless real-time translation giving you the ability to move around or seat down anywhere in the room.

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Pocket receiver

This small device allows you to chose the languages and adjust the volume of your headset. It can be put in your pocket or strap around your waist.

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You'll receive either a QR code to scan and vote on your phone or a voting device that will allow you to send in real time your vote

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Technical Crew

Rely on our expert Sound Engineers and Technicians, specially qualified for the job.


Our expert teams handle logistics and equipment management for event production.

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