Mercedes & Opel Monnier Ath Reopening

Monnier Ath is a Mercedes and Opel car Dealership located in Ath, Belgium. The new management decided to relocated in a larger, more modern building in order to best showcase their brands. To celebrate this event, they invited their customers to join for a unique evening inauguration party.

Secretly highlighting the elegance of the brand

The challenge was coating the venue to create an inspiring mood without being detrimental to the brand’s image. As such, the event technology had to be efficient yet quietly blend in the surroundings. Altrolux thoughtfully crafted this event, ensuring refinement and elegance.



What’s In The Flightcase

  • Clay Paky – Mythos Moving Head Luminaires
  • Colored Focused Lighting on Cars
  • High-Definition Video Projection
  • Red Carpet and Decoration
  • Sound, Lighting and Video consoles
  • Staging, Speaker Desk and Trussing

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