Maguen David D’Or 2011 Awards Ceremony

Directed by Chantal Benkoski, artists Arthur, Laurent Gerra, Lara Fabian, Michel Jonasz, Gérard Pullicino, Enrico Macias or Luc Dardenne (among others) gathered to support Radio Judaica at Thon Hotel Bristol Stephanie.

Low Ceiling, High Expectations

The whole audiovisual setup was custom made for this particularly cosy venue, with little headroom. Interacting with each artist’s manager, we made sure that the technical gear was of high quality and tailored to each request. So that every artist could perform at their best. 


Cherry-picked guests

What’s In The Flightcase

  • High Definition Sound System for High-Performing Artists
  • Martin LC 2140 Modular LED Panels (a disruptive technology back in 2011!)
  • TV-set style Lighting Setups
  • Red-Carpet Staging

We also worked with filmmaker Teddy Benhamou (Neo Prod Israel), who filmed and edited the aftermovie of this exceptional event.

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