The Byrrh building becomes Be-Here

On May 13th, 2019, Didier Gosuin, Philippe Close, and Karine Lalieux officially inaugurated Be-Here.

The completely renovated Byrrh building is set to become the go-to place for local companies in the sustainable food and social economy fields. Locals and foodies are to enjoy this warm and welcoming venue and its bio market.

Crystal-clear Audio under the triple glasshouse

Be-Here features a 2000 m² space topped by 3 full-length glasshouses. Delivering crystal-clear, quality sound to all attendees in such a setting is a real challenge.

Being the first to fit this space with sound, we took a stand and brought the best-in-industry sound system, carefully calibrated to suit the venue. The result: being able to hear the speakers wherever, like they were standing right in front of you.



What’s In The Flightcase

  • High-Definition Sound System, calibrated for the venue
  • Suspended Tarps Structure
  • Secondary Sound System in the brand new offices to broadcast the press conference
  • Mood and light staging of the brand new bio market

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